You're The Ultimate Symbol

You're The Ultimate Symbol, Notecard

Symbols be gently abstract characters which signify anything! These essentially simple visual impressions sustain an intimation. To a broad extent, people heavily rely upon these indicators to function on a daily basis. Moreover, there exists a whole wide world behind and beyond these signs known as the unconscious, where nothing is forgotten and meaning is cultivated through constantly connecting ideas. Along these lines, the universe remains linked. We, as humans, get to be walking representations of thy own self, expressing in oodles of ways, every single day and moment.

Dee’s open-handed Thia recently gifted her the book, “Man and His Symbols,” by Carl Jung. Ever since studying it, her awareness of Creation has been raised. Dee dedicates this card to Thia, without whom she would not have royally realized her passion for these purpose-filled characters. The background of this notecard is a profusion of tiny Japanese writing symbols, complete with kawaii touches. Dee further holds a fire in her heart for artful penmanship, aka calligraphy, which she shares with the Asian culture. “Kitten Calligraphy,” refers to cute handwriting which emerged during the 1970s in Japan amongst the lassies, conveying nearly secret messages by confusing onlookers with dizzying marks of pleasantry (eg: smilies, hearts, flowers, and sundry).


You're The Ultimate Symbol, Button, Magnet



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