Who is Bumby Wordsworth?

Warrior of Oomph, Cute, Colorful, Happy, Sticker, Envelope Seal

Solidly sanguine,

two-hundred percent fair dinkum
and permanently beguiling,
in all her quirks and kooks.
Of all such far out powers,
the most lifesaving
is her epic savior faire...

I speak of Bumby Wordsworth.

Adjusting her aura to match the locus,
she proffers an antidote for every season,
from ballgames to jubilees,
with a back pocketful of whoopee,
to ably ease those stifled spirits.

A harbinger of harmony,
translating awkward into ease
by means of toting
deep rays of sunshine
in her parachute purse,
warming the most arctic of corners—

Emergency on Main Street:
Nothing to say,
albeit a heart full of song.
Tremble not,
for Bumby carries the key
to all quarters.

An on the quiet tinkerer
when she be not
foraging for fruitful words to convey.
Mending the troubled pots and pans,
along with the whole nine yards
of lonely locks and likeminded latches,
sliding into emotion
for each of them
along her passage;
(a reflex of Miss Bumby,
privately refreshing she).

Super Wordsworth qualms not a single step,
so potent is her self-created purpose,
stirring she to bustle...
ameliorating the woes and whimpers
in her branch of the sublunary.

Ace of tin,
keeper of substance,
warrior of oomph
and white knight of the vulnerable;
this luminary leads the way
to a worthy day.

B’s titles transpired with time...

Dawning from her Delphic calling to connect
and neighbored by a sorely bashful interior,
her heartstrings had to tag a team
sooner than downstream,
so she espoused the initial
without blushes.
The onliest way
her psyche would survive
was to flower into
a super version of Bumby Wordsworth.

Launching herself outward
past all zones of comfort,
she transfigured colossal compassion
from her snowy diffidence,
(always with a crucial dose of Vitamin Calm
at the fingertips)...

and so she emerged.

Bee basks in
having her hands hummin’,
orchestrating upbeat qi-flow
and channeling to nooks in need,
(for she must conduce!)

Bumby catches each echo:
The wheezes, whirrs and whispers,
all the shrills plus trills,
every rustling
and surely the buzzing.

Next time the wind blows you
a questionable crinkle
or the albatross looms near,
suspect BW is abreast,
totally game to smooth things over.

Warrior of Oomph, Cute, Colorful, Happy, Button, Magnet



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