Tis the Month of Our Progenitress

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I feel drawn to her
like bees to nectar;
no other nourishes like she.
The power of her sweetness
carries me higher.
Extending my hand out
from within,
she never turns me away.

My thoughts faithfully drift
to thy fertile subject...
I can behold her pacific eyes
with mine thus folded.
Marked by her glow,
(how welcoming is she!)
most certainly a sight to see.
Cloaked in such radiance,
darkness appears not so black
when she be near
to make sense of the matter.

Wearer of many hats
and carrier of greatness.
She supplies shade
akin to a queenly Allomother,
whilst mediating any ruffled feathers aside;
(the ultimate yin to all yang.)

Rendering a home
my psyche fails to disremember...
Illustrating the passage;
though I
by no means
chose to escape you.

As natural as breathing,
this Gentlewoman gives her milk freely;
an instinct of the body
to sustain creation.

Simply making all things tastier,
like a magic sauce freshly stirred.
There is not
but a single knot
undoable by her sage hands.
The whole universe
could be mended in her care!

Stretching to fit any situation,
with such bounty of self that is infinite.
Carnations rise
obeying tender techniques of grace.
In her noble carriage
lives the blueprint
to osmosing thy native texture.

Continually in seeking
for the Celestial Softness,
capable of sparking a bright breeziness
to beam through all corners.
Closeness blossoms here,
from the bosom of this Earthly Creator—
we grow entwined at the roots.

She is the marrow behind the action;
answers dream beneath her touch.
In the wake of her warmth,
grapes mature to wine,
while bread and butter
steadily stay upon her shoulders;
she remains aloft—
(it must be her heart of pure flesh!)

To be versed in her details
is a singular experience
concerning revelation of the source.
Her Love is an ever ancient secret,
I dare to read deeper...

I wish upon a dozen stars
beneath the crescent moon
by the sea,
to perceive her path
under all conditions.

No One fills me up
quite like, our Progenitress.
I labor to be
as true as her

Koh-Dee, LLC. We make fun, artful, happy, collectible postcards, cute buttons & super strong magnets

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