Roo T

Roo T, Blog Post, Koh-Dee, LLC

Deeply I dwell;
neighbors near gnomes,
friendly with dwarves
and gracious to the dark elves,
plus other underground spirits.
Comfortably we make our beds
inside the earth.

With a firm purpose
I permeate the sub terrain;
branching out across directions,
I wend where needed.
Longer and further
I travel
to yield more distance from the surface.
For I am Keeper of the base:
innermost part of all parts
highly innocent of places
I must protect!

Holding my secrets below the peel,
they seem to embrace a low-key life
with other oracles their own age.
I cherish these enigmas,
for they teach me plenty
in regards to
and the root of all good,
so I can turn out fertile.

Once and again
I go shy and shrink away.
Thrice in a blue moon
I swing moody,
uplifting what weighs upon me
so I will not bear the sister fate to Atlas.
I mean no harm
and avow myself a sentient being.

I pleasure in my chameleon ways,
a superpower of pellucid potential;
I intensely adapt to any and everything,
freeing my itch to be a keen observer.

Gibberella is my larkmate,
refreshing me to new heights.
We constantly wind up at
the root of things together.

A birthmark rests on my forehead,
a reminder of dear kindred;
descending from Mama Meristem,
a radicle procreator
and vanward thinker,
who guided me toward my truest existence...

I was designed to be a Nourisher;
feeling this down to my most intimate fibers,
I thirst for purity.

Earth, water and essence become me,
these I rechannel into creation,
for I simply want to be,
and give,
engaging my elementals
while closely heeding to the seraphic messengers
who inspire my central compass.

I sense the light and smile back,
for there is no moving force like He.
I bathe myself in His radiance,
a celestial gift for me
and my fellow microcosms—
generosity begins here.

From time to time,
I stumble into a secret
cradled not by me;
yet these mysteries be
as congruent as they are divergent,
equally relevant and cosmically ageless.
Let us not neglect that
we all breathe the same soil
and be sprouts of the Father,
who fosters notes of melody
that have utter reason
to play harmoniously
in beneficence to us all.

What you need to grasp is:
I would dig to be your Cheer Leader,
Roo-ting for you with my organ.
I wear my nature on my sleeve,
not to give myself away,
but so I can always profess
to adore you,
with each tendril
on my unassuming crown.

Now I am not questionless
on what I am built of,
yet I trust it shall be enough;
I am persistent, complicated
and extensively supportive,
very much a piece of the pie;
I sense your spirit
and favor a fancy
to introduce myself—
my title is Roo T.”

Roo T, Root-ing For You, Blog Post, Koh-Dee, LLC

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