Open Yourself Up...To The Butterflies!

Open Yourself Up...To The Butterflies! Cute, Colorful, Notecard

I swear by the sap of a Lacquer Tree
That this be me:
Tiki Tixi the Geigi.
Springing from a Flower Town in Willow World
  Where fantasy and flowers frolic free...

In a dozen nutshells:
Monday’s are my favorite
  And I appreciate sliding doors;
Thy secret treat is coffee jelly
And emotionally, I feel most fruitful.
  Feasting in the gamut of the arts,
From paper folding to preparing tea;
I hear, even a hut
  Can transform into a dollhouse
  With the right honcho.

Betwixt you and me,
I spy on anima under my sage glasses,
Sponging up every motion.
I be trained in heedfulness
And dig cloud-gazing.

  If you must know,
I twirl for rice
Plus shimmy when it’s raining;
I shake my legs under all positions
To deliver the psychic energy...

I crave to be
As darling as Hello Kitty,
Yet profoundly graceful, like Dear Willow,
While wilder than kabuku!
Still, I am Wa (peace).

By the bye,
You shall never catch me
  Outside of my tabi-toe socks,
In which I hone, fully small steps,
Indulging the kimono to jabber for me.

Thy obi is thy nerve,
A water hole of hidden sparks...
Inventing haikus, from time to time,
When my thoughts become too many;
I dream to be your bud.

Naturally, I bear an old hand in minutiae,
Reading nods and winks
  From light to dark.
  I pride myself on companionship & calligraphy;
Gesture Jargon is thy mother tongue.

I follow the way:
The waft of tea,
The flow of flowers,
The lingering of incense,
And the lines of pen.

Freshly, I emerged from, the turning of the collar ceremony,
With a mint chignon to boot,
(Alongside a blossoming hairpin).
I ever hold a hanky, at the peak of my sleeve,
Just in case I need to flirt.

I hope to visit the shiro (castle) beyond the gaping glass,
Guided by the close road of Heartland...
The yarn I treasure tops
Is that of the Bamboo Cutter;
(May he R.I.P.)

I dally on the treble strings of shamisen,
  Plying my coconut shell plectrum,
Cultivating every twinkle.
  My aim is to advance cuteness,
For suchness equals smiles. 


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