Koh-Dee's Collection

Factory for the coolest tiny art notecards on the planet!

After a heart-to-heart with Delphi, KD arrived at this decision:  To open up her card collection.

She was led there by intimacy, love, and desire.

The thirst to share what be frolicking around in her imagination; Koh-Dee's innermost world of celestial secrets. To give a physical piece of herself; the utmost of slices.

Motivated by the possibility of touching your senses; to connect, time and time again.

This ancient urge of KD's to collect makes her feel alive. Purposely pursuing items of intrigue and organizing them for your marvel.

Koh-Dee zestfully welcomes you to her, "Card Cabinet of Curiosities," where one can envisage the cherished whatnots curated by a devout enthusiast. They each have quite a tale to tell.

Consider writing on them and send to your favorite person, for that is part of their intended value.

You can count on Koh-Dee to keep on creating and gathering fresh curios in her factory of wonders. She readily admits,

"Once a collector, always a collector."

Just like her cousin Ky...

Ky the Collector, We sell the most unique, collectible notecards ever!

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