Fibers of Fondness

Fibers of Fondness, Notecard, Button or Magnet

That’s right...This applies to you, (no strings attached)! For I’m speaking of threads and affection, plus the relationship they share with each other. Such
handiwork started with a modest square of cross-stitch that I vigorously attacked with in and out needles, styling simple square stitches to my utter satisfaction. I like how vibrant, tiny particles add up to build something positive and hopefully extend that optimism onward! 

To absorb myself in embroidery allows me to commune with my ancestors and keep their efforts alive. Our spirits are conversing, “Isn’t this divine? Why does it feel so righteous?” I am using the same creative energy they did! I am a part of it! Nothing can weigh me down in this moment.

I am also powerfully inspired by the 60’s and 70’s Flower Revolution that still is making waves. I am at home in them. I desire to let their influence wash over my nature and see what transpires out of me, resultantly. I am ready with my needle and thread, heart and soul...

And so I stitch with my tribe during dinner, (double repletion!) I stitch over repartees, trying to focus on the vocals, while indulging my fingers to just have fun. I stitch in all kinds of moods and places, for it always raises me up to expressly the spot I crave to be. This must be where heart-strings come from!

I classify this piece as emanating hearts, shedding their aura when they become swollen with pure love. My handy partner Michael doubled the heart in photoshop to design a proportional pattern so we could transform it into a notecard and send forth further cheer! The words, fibers of fondness, offered a perfect pun to the situation, with fiber being identified as both a thread and as a morality trait. Fondness is just who I am...


Fibers of Fondness, Button or Magnet 

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