A Tivu Note

A+ cook, avant-garde nurse, and big-time Mama. Tivu is deeply respected amongst her close relatives and is a cozy confidante to Parsley.

Maintains a flawless reputation with white magic and elected Chief of the Seasoner's Club by the esteemed Eccentric Dillee. They are partners in goodness.

Took in a foundling many stars ago, immediately securing this abandoned bundle of love inside her apron and titling the cub Tinky.

Fae the Fairy is her study-buddy. They share many chortles and insights together as they pour over giant books like, "The Shaker Catalogues," sipping warm milk and honey.

Terrifically protective yet peacefully easy-going, Tivu has much to show for being ancient and all over the world.

Known for her Italian perfume and mystifying ability to increase courage amongst her fellows.

She notices the delectable in everything and encourages that tastiness to come on out and have a play.

Roamer of Egyptian pyramids and Greek temples, coinciding with Hecate at one point on their mandalas. Tivu made her a savory supper, to which Hecate was eternally grateful.

Holds a giant aura in Hippie Haven, ensuring the welfare of all the Sentients with her golden cloves of wonder.

The mark on her wrist is a secret symbol sign. Those who know what it means will inevitably react accordingly.

Tivu's once in a lifetime Italian Stallion crafted her the cornetto necklace, designed to protect the protector. She be his little horn...

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