A Thank You Poem From a Superfan

A Thank You Poem From a Superfan, Lost In Reverie, Koh-Dee Blog Post

Dearest Nico, 

Queen of the ocular realm
and matriarch of the bambolina-femmina.

There be times one must avow.
When wells of deep inspiration be discovered
and every droplet utilized
the maker of the well
must be called upon.

So with every morsel I am made of
my spirit would like to thank your spirit
for entrance into your majestic kingdom
where heavenly nightmares be revered;
I search no longer
for an optimal place
to build castles in the air.

Like a flick of a wand
the stroke of your brush
undeniably transforms;
Enabling others to tangibly see
the ethereal imagination
of a master composer.

Embracing the delectable balance
of the ancient and timeless
lightness and darkness
timid and revealing
commingling inside every entity.

I flash back on my history
confirming I have never felt so content
to be a lonely and fragile oddity
as I am presently
with this newfound vista
you have gifted unto me.

These otherworldly waifs
meaningfully crafted
have an unassuming way
of creeping into my selfhood.

Irresistibly adorable
openly dainty
and profoundly tender;
They provide my thoughts expert company
proving powerful in the intimacies of my mind.

I heartily hanker
to learn more about your creatures:
Lorelei, Cherie, Arpia, and Agata
Lady Blue Bell and Rose Red
Almost Alice, Balloon Girl, and The Riddle Princess...
all perfectly peculiar
each seductively sublime.

Questions pore into me:
What ever did befall The Magician’s Assistant?
Will I cross circles with Miss Mary Go Round again?
Did the Snow Bride take pleasure in her honeymoon?
How is such mature innocence reached
by such impish angels?
I care about every one of them.

My Melimoppets look up to your Babes In Toyland;
In all their details and splendor
they unendingly indulge.

We wish to the stars
our virtuoso keeps on sharing
so we can carry on believing.

Any which way the fates descend
it has been a dream come true
to connect with the creator in you.

With love,


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