A Koh-Zee and Nestor Note

Cuddly and snuggly to the core, this twosome embody closeness all the way. Lodging in the mountains of Skadi, (realm of the snow-shoe Goddess) Koh-Zee and Nestor have secured quite a cabin. It accommodates a mighty place for fire, which heats up all the nooks plus crannies of the shelter. A crimson loveseat rests right before it.

On their wooden table abides a welcoming jar of nectar, reassuring all who enter to feel instantly at ease. There be a cosy non-exclusive to the teapot; for everything slips on a cosy in the land of Skadi! The whole lot hang out altogether in the sole room, basking in the fire roaring merrily. An epic quilt makes up the bed next to the corner, each little square hand-stitched by a kindred.

In harmony with their home, Koh-Zee overflows with graciousness and Nestor be absolute softness. Hencely, it is the spot for heart to hearts; ensuring comfort and providing an experience of pleasance. Many a bear hugs, misty day movies and melted marsh-mellows be had here. Deep laughter further warms the already toasty atmosphere.

Koh-Zee and Nestor be as attached as a shadow. They discovered each other numerous Yuletides ago when Koh-Zee went Wassailing to the trees in her dearest orchard. She trilled some charming words to them, wishing her company pure peace for their untiring hospitality. Hoping so hard for this, she soon tuckered out. Nestling up to the bark, she then drew out her home-made Wassail (enkindled cider infused with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger with raisin-bread sops on top) in a cosied thermos. Savoring such sips, Koh-Zee was in the middle of mulling what she would send her confidante LouLoudee for the holidays, when she naturally nodded off...

An indeterminate span of jiffs later she awoke, uncovering a wee bunny bundled up in her coat pocket! Offering up some Wassail, the two immediately understood one another. His moniker was Nestor. Fate beheld him as a thoughtful and amusing pocket guide to none other than Koh-Zee. Every Yule since, the mates come back to that personal spot to spiritually give thanks to the Apple Tree Man.

Oftentimes located underneath blankets (where Koh-Zee and Nestor have their most intimate moments), the tight pair made a pinky-promise there: To love, protect and satisfy the cuddle bone buried within one another...For-always.

Koh-Zee note wrap up: The deeper you go, the balmier it gets. Life’s too cold to not be permanently affectionate. And in case of emergency, nothing warms a soul up faster than a direct heart to heart.


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